Principe Real is a very nice neighbor full of nice things to do & see, ex.:

  1. Go to MIRADOURO SÃO PEDRO DE ALCÂNTARA, where just for the price of a beer, you can enjoy the typical terrace and the breathtaking view of the city; 10703351
  2. Behind the viewpoint there is a famous hostel that used to be a palace – Decadent where you can enjoy a wonderful cheese board and wine. The hotel also has a very fancy restaurant on the first floor – Insólito where you can enjoy a wonderful view and a cocktail bar & restaurantInsolito_2014_0101
  3. Continuing towards the Principe Real, will go through the wonderful restaurant with wonderful views: Lost In, which is at the back of the store, which brings clothes from a lost trip in India.3807735_orig
  4. Continuing to the Prince finds the Garden left. Here there are two traditional kiosks where locals love to meet after the day’s work.QuiosqueOliveira_0100
  5. There are a few concept stores across the garden – ex., Embaixada, and several shops of brand new Portuguese and international designers.
  6. Across the garden, a street below, there is a vegetarian restaurant with a very nice garden – Terra –     terraR. da Palmeira 15,