Things to do around

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From Sunny Lisbon you can go up, to the right side, into historic GRAÇA, the old part of the city. If you go left, to the mainstreet – you´ll go to Avenida Almirante Reis, to METRO INTENDENTE. Than you can go always left until DOWNTOWN.


TO THE RIGHT – The historic GRAÇA:

Leave the house, turn right, go up, than you are in GRAÇA – less than 10 minutes walking

In the way to Graça you have:

  1. The famous ELECTRIC 28 stops in the previous street – Rua Maria da Fonte. A ride on the 28 tram is a highlight of any trip to Lisbon. The route passes through many of Lisbon’s finest districts: Baixa, Graça, Alfama, the Castle, Estrela.
  2. LIDL supermarket, (you´ll find stairs, 3 minutes walking)

Already in Graça:

  1. PADARIA PORTUGUESA – where the locals like to take breakfast with croissants, orange juice… everything very cheap!
  2. FEIRA DA LADRA – saturday´s and tuesday´s 2ND HAND MARKET, 10 minutes walking from Sunny Lisbon
  3. The VIEW POINT OF GRAÇA , one of the best views of Lisbon.
  4. The MYTHIC RESTAURANT BOTEQUIM DA GRAÇA, opened in 1968 by a famous writer, Natália Correia. Known for attracting intellectuals during the 70s and 80s, continues with he same spirit:  nights of poetry and live music, and a menu of “petiscos” (“tapas”), teas and cocktails; in a retro-designed space made of antique pieces and old records.
  5. CASTELO DE SÃO JORGE, top overlooking of the city and Tagus River.




Go to Intendente metro station, in Avenida Almirante Reis, go always straight to the left, to DOWNTOWN DIRECTION:

  1. you have LARGO INTENDENTE, a square with some bars and restaurants, ex. CASA INDEPENDENTE, a very nice bar.
  2. Continuing in Almirante Reis, you have a very famous SEA FOOD RESTAURANT – O RAMIRO – Av. Almirante Reis nº1 – H
  3. continuing to the left,  LARGO MARTIM MONIZ, a square full of restaurants from different nationalities. Also you have a Rooftop Bar & restaurant called TOPO, a spot for after-work drinks, sunset dinners and evening cocktails – in Martim Moniz with extraordinary views of Lisbon, from São Jorge Castle and Mouraria, to the viewpoints of Graça and Senhora do Monte.
  4. Than you pass HOTEL MUNDIAL in your left (which has a great rooftop, good for a SUNSET COCKTAIL) Aand reach PRAÇA DA FIGUEIRA where you have the SIGHTEEING BUS TOURS.
  5. Than you can go to the beautiful ROSSIO TRAIN AND METRO STATION, where you can pick a train to SINTRA. Here you should eat the traditional QUEIJADA DE SINTRA @ PIRIQUITA, the famous old factory and visit PENA NATIONAL SINTRA PALACE and ask more @ the tourist information.
  6. Than you are already in DOWNTOWN. Its has 2 different areas: the higher – CHIADO, and the lower – BAIXA, that goes until the river.



You should start with BAIXA – Go to the famous street RUA AUGUSTA, full of restaurants and shops and in the end you find MUDE (fashion museum, for free). Than you have the ARCO DA RUA AUGUSTA, you can go up to see the view. Than you continue and you are in PRAÇA DO COMÉRCIO, full of restaurants and with the river in front.

Go to ELEVADOR DA GLÓRIA and than have a walk in CHIADO, visit the ARMAZÉNS DO CHIADO and than go to LARGO CAMÕES.

From here you can go:

  1. UP, to CALÇADA DO COMBRO. In your left you have the best sunset point – MIRADOURO ADAMASTOR and continuing in Calçada do Combro, in your right side, you have PARK, the rooftop bar on top of a parking cars.lisbon-miradouro-de-santa-caterina-sunset-watching
  2. To the right, you´ll find BAIRRO ALTO, full of restaurants and bars. You have fado restaurants, such as -BAIUCA RESTAURANT (FADO RESTAURANT SUGGESTION: BAIUCA – Rua da Barroca 86, Tel: 213421386), and if you want to start dancing soon, I suggest you CAPELA BAR.
  3. Than, if you go DOWN, you have to go to RUA COR DE ROSA. – The new cool trend place to be, with galleries, bars & restaurants. In the way, going down to the cais do sodré direction, you´ll pass through  some interesting and original bars, such as PENSÃO AMOR, O BOM O MAU E O VILÃO. Next to RUA COR DE ROSA, you have PRAÇA DE SÃO PAULO, with the coolest place to see art, meet locals and have a drink, all in once, it is called  GIV LOWE GALLERY.

In front of the trainstation you have the restaurant TIME OUT, full of little shops of the best portuguese chefs and large tables where everybody seats together.


For culture, we suggest you to go to BELÉM (# Belém suggestions). You just need to pick a tram (elétrico) to Belém, in front of Cais do Sodré Station.


FROM BAIRRO ALTO, you should go to TO PRINCIPE REAL (# FROM BAIRRO ALTO TO PRINCIPE REAL) – This is a very nice neighbor full of nice things to do & see.


We also deeply recommend you to visit LX FACTORY, the portuguese cool point for creative business, such as restaurants, galleries, bars, yoga studios, weekend markets, and so on… (# LX FACTORY ).